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Welcome To November At Purium

Kick off the month with Purium’s co-founders who share how Purium meets the moment.

Updates & Releases

  • New Transformation Book
  • New Brand Partner Resource Website
  • Super CleansR Now Included in all ULTs
  • Kiss the Ground Watch Party

Social Media Contest

November #phpWealth Winners


Easily sync Purium’s events with your calendar on the Event Page. Plus, get a replay link in Purium’s Virtual Events & Zoom Calendar.

Active Business Promos

Share Because You Care

Everyone loves a success story and Purium has THOUSANDS. By sharing these testimonials regularly on social media, you can become known as the inspiring go-to when someone you know is ready to TRANSFORM their health.

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Transformation Now

When someone is ready to transform for their first time with Purium, they want to start NOW! Whether hosting a Purium event or meeting up with a new friend one-on-one, you can physically give packs to new face-to-face customers and Brand Partners on the spot so they can start NOW.

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Ultimate Business Transformation

Every week: Inspire 3 NEW* people to purchase an Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation (or one of the other Featured Packs) AND get them to sign-up with a monthly recurring Smart Order of 50 BV or more.

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Widen Your Reach

Are you in the Fast Start window? Go LIVE with Purium #phplive2023 to help boost your points to the next rank!

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Fast Start 2023

Earn $3500 in Fast Start Bonuses & 2500 in Matching Bonuses! Fast Start is a bonus path that includes Consultant, Director, Executive and Diamond ranks.

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Declaration Day

Everyone can participate in this awesome promotion by declaring  the rank they are intending to reach by the end of the month, which can include:

  • Excel to a higher rank or maintain your current highest rank
  • Enroll someone with a ULT Lifestyle
  • Sign yourself up for a ULT Lifestyle
  • Enroll a new Brand Partner
  • Host a Purium get together

Must declare by the third of the month.

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